How we operate

Suit Yourself works with clients who are referred to shop with us by participating business and educational partners.

Shoppers are scheduled by appointment only. The primary purpose is to serve women who lack appropriate clothing for job interviews or for entering or re-entering the workforce.

Women who have appointments to shop at Suit Yourself are invited to select approximately three outfits, including shoes, a purse and accessories such as scarves or jewelry. Other items, like coats, also are available seasonally. These items are provided free to clients in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.

Our goal is to give women the confidence they need to succeed in the workforce even though they may lack the financial resources to create a working wardrobe.

Women interested in receiving a referral for an appointment to shop at Suit Yourself should contact their school counselor, career counselor/case manager such as the Missouri Career Center, or the human resources representative for their employer.

Suit Yourself also offers occasional sales that are open to the public, particularly during seasonal transitions.

Employers, career-development programs or schools interested in referring clients, current or prospective employees to Suit Yourself can learn more about partnering with us by contacting Janet Nothnagel at