Donate Money:

Suit Yourself, Inc., relies on financial donations to support maintenance and utilities of the boutique and purchase some items that aren’t available by donation.

To make a contribution to Suit Yourself, please send a check to:

Suit Yourself, Inc.
P.O. Box 9750
Springfield, MO 65801
Attn: Janet Nothnagel

Watch for an online donation option coming soon!

Donate Items:

Suit Yourself, Inc., accepts the donations of clean and gently used women’s clothing suitable for workplaces. Donations of coats, shoes, purses and jewelry also are accepted. Jeans, shorts and eveningwear are not accepted.

Clothing should be donated on hangars.

Donations are accepted by appointment only. For more information, contact Janet Nothnagel at:

In your email, please describe the types of items you wish to donate, including sizes, appropriate wearing season, approximate number of items, etc.